Shelby Robbins and Wild Turtle Healing


I’m Glad You’re Here. 

If you’ve made your way to this site, you probably have a few things in common with our fellow brothers and sisters who find themselves here:

You know you have a vibrancy – an exquisite set of gifts that this planet needs

You know you are capable of having joyful and compassionate relationships, financial flowering, and fulfilling purpose

You know that playfulness, abundance, and joy are divine frequencies that are essential for you to create your own heaven on earth.


You are not alone. And it’s critical that you begin to trust your self and amplify your gifts! It is time to be seen. At the core I am a healer. I create unparalleled transformation, awareness, and visibility to your emotional and spiritual realms. I know exactly how to create healing experiences that will completely shift the way you relate to joy, pleasure, and your purpose.

So if you ever find yourself…

Knowing you have incredible gifts yet unable to access them to your highest potential

Feeling bored, flat, numb, or stuck. Unable to embody joy and purpose in your life.

Wanting to show up as your true full self in every aspect of your life and move past any blocks and limitations

You are in the right place! Grab our free gift and hop into our community. Welcome, and may you find yourself at home here.

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