Know Thy Self

Healing your wounding is different from getting to know yourself, or becoming self-aware. While healing, you are getting to know your wounding. You are becoming intimate with the shadow that you carry. You learn your weaknesses and pitfalls. What unconscious behaviors have been ruling you. This work is essential. To really transcend, this information is vital. However, we must keep in mind that we are not our wounding. Our wounding does not define us. We are the light that emerges after working through all of that pain. We must get to know our light too. Luckily, the more pain we work through, the more of this light becomes available to us. When we are done working through the pain, we have an opportunity to develop in this new direction. This is where our super powers lie. Our undiscovered brilliant selves.

This undiscovered you is where a lot of the magic is. It is a constant discovery of your light and your gifts. As this part of you becomes more known, more available, you act more and more like a vibrational pillar of light. You no longer need permission to go take that dance class, or be a beginner. You start to become free. This freedom is the goal. This is the other side of our healing. This is a part of the journey that matters too. We as people tend to dismiss the light stuff. We give the shadow work a lot of our attention. We forget that there is this entire world and opportunity of expansion that waits for us here.

My invitation to you… Have you been intimate with your superpowers lately? What part of your light do you have access to today? How can you be more gentle on yourself in this moment?