The Joy Blueprint for Healing is a comprehensive guide, mapping out your healing path and your journey. Using human design, astrology, gene keys, and intuitive guidance, this is a custom made blueprint that is created specific to you and your journey.

I strongly believe that anchoring into our heart, joy, and superpowers can assist us in more greatly working through our shadow. We often relate to our gifts in two extreme ways – we swing from denying and undervaluing them to blowing them out of proportion. This guide will help you highlight your strengths and give you comprehensive strategy to harness them in service of your healing and shadow work.



“The Joy Blueprint to Healing is a phenomenal resource on my path. It is comprehensive, and has helped me focus in and get clear. I’ve been confused, foggy, and overwhelmed by all of the healing options out there! This guide helped me simplify and get down to business with where I actually need growth. Shelby cut to the point and shined the light on my path as a whole and how I can accelerate my journey.”


Massage Therapist

Your Blueprint includes:

A 3-5 page custom blueprint to keep!

A note from your guides and guidance

Destination points, and Landmarks to look for on your path

A healing strategy, map, and suggestions as you move forward

A 30 minute consultation with Shelby, where you will go through your blueprint together

For only $75