6-month Private Coaching Program

Love. Lead. Illuminate. 

 Welcome to an open space where you are free to claim your vibrancy. 

Your aliveness is waiting for you. 


Our Work Together

In our work together, my intention is to support your holistic health, goals,  growth, and prospering.  

The life you desire is possible and it can start here. 

Choosing to work with a coach can feel daunting because it’s saying “Yes!” to doing the deep work on yourself and possibly looking at some hard stuff. 

Choosing something outside of your comfort zone and inviting change is tends to be uncomfortable.  And when we consistently take action outside our comfort zone we produce unpredictable results — typically, leaps toward the life that we want.

It’s so nice to meet you, and I look forward to exploring if we are a good fit. 




Ultimately, it is the relationship we have with ourselves that most greatly affects our relationships with everyone and everything. Problems start to happen when we lose sight of deeper aspects of ourselves and neglect that relationship. Emotions overwhelm, our perceptions get distorted and the world may begin to look like a complicated, limited place.

I guide people through the journey of realizing the self.  We work with trauma, shadow, and untruths that are cloaking your access to awareness. 



Our 6 month private coaching package includes…

Four 60 minute Sessions each month

During Month 3, a 3-hour intensive session

Unlimited email and Voxer support

3 books based on our work together

Free access to any ebooks, online courses I produce during our work together

Tailored practices and tools relevant to our work together

Access to my VIP client community

Increased Awareness

Awareness of the constructed self, and our habits, patterns, and fixations. Increased awareness, access, and attunement.

Shadow work

Shadow happens anytime a stress is larger than our capacity to be with the stress. Shadow can be cultural, and is often historical. Shadow momentarily cuts us off from accessing truth. We will work with shadow here.


Our lives don’t exist in a bubble. We are living in and with many social networks, systems, communities and are continuously influencing each other. Let’s shine the light on relationship and navigate it together with the intelligence of relational tools.

Development and Integration Tracking

Together, we will track your concrete goals, development, and milestones. Attention will be put on your larger life context and integrating our work in a way where it deeply ripples throughout your worlds.

My process includes…

Uprooting and releasing unconscious beliefs, shadow, constructs and conditioning that is keeping you stuck

Developing into new growthful awareness and relational capacities 

Goal setting, visioning, and concrete planning or practices

Detailed work with the systems in your life

Develop clear articulation of your unique super powers, gifts, and zone of brilliance

Relationship skills, language tools, and communication upgrades

Enter a field of creativity where play, imagining, and faith drive growth


Together, we do away with untruths. 

We allow them to crumble away

Until what remains is our absolute  Vast Wide Open Nothingness. 

We continually realize ourselves

As we fall into freedom 

 In rediscovering the self, we…


– Find a more simple, deeper, heart centered space.


– Slow down, and relate to our inner world with compassion and curiosity.

– Feel more spacious when we start processing our emotions, instead of pushing our feelings away.

– Experience a vibrancy and existential peace

– We open into freedom 



Not Sure if this program is right for you?


Shelby is both a naturally gifted and highly trained coach who offers unique multidimensional transformational experiences. She has assisted me tremendously with issues ranging from shoulder pain to the creation of an abundant life and has done so in a confident, competent, and compassionate manner. Her own life’s path is inspiring and drives her passion to help others achieve their goals by exploring their hearts, minds and souls. Her energy is boundless and her open-heartedness is contagious. I guarantee that working with Shelby will open doors to places you may not have dreamed possible. She’s that good!

Shayn Smith – Boulder, CO


“Shelby is the only coach I would recommend to friends. I have been to many different professionals and although some have helped me, none of them earned my trust. Right from the start, Shelby was grounded, professional, and went directly to my block. My issues were very deep and Shelby can go there. I love working with Shelby and am so grateful for all the help she has given me!!!!! Don’t hesitate, she’s worth it.”

Melissa - Santa Cruz, CA

Author, Screen Writer

“From the first conversation I had with Shelby, I knew that she would be a great soul ally. In the time that I’ve come to work with her since, I’ve discovered an incredibly loving, and authentic spirit. Shelby invites me into true authenticity with myself, and, seemingly without difficulty, holds a level of space that I have only experienced with a handful of other people. I am confident in asserting that Shelby has both the gifts and diligence required to facilitate true, deep, and long-lasting transformation. She has been a godsend, and I look forward to working with her well into the future.”

Travis – Boulder, CO


Online Resources

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3-month Illuminate Mastermind

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