Feet First

Most people want to start with the wings. It is fun to focus on the flight, the joy, the rush of possibilities and the promise of enlightenment.
However, seldom is real change created through a single giant step or even attempts to fly. It usually starts with a small step. Small but deeply real. For most of us, that is what our path looks like. We must hold our fear and our faith as we cross our bridges slowly, one firm step at a time. When we get to the other side we may find we have been transformed. Not by the steps, not by the distance crossed, but by our willingness to stay open during the crossing. That heart opening changes us.
We simply cannot take flight if our emotional debris has not been faced. Our hearts will weigh us down. We may get up in the air for a while, but eventually we will crash and burn. In order to open our wings we must develop a deep, courageous understanding between the relationship of the emotional body and the spiritual body.
Healing our heart stuff and our earth stuff takes guts. Transformation is not created through cosmic Band-Aids, simplistic affirmations and soft touch approaches. Those are not substitutes for real work. Real work means surrendering to what lies inside of your being. It means truly allowing yourself to experience who you are. It means finally allowing your heart to break. Through your surrender, through your processing, and through digesting your emotional experiences you will, one-step at a time, find yourself coming home.

There can be no grace, no nownness, no integrated experience of non-duality if ones consciousness is locked into the unresolved past. We have been confusing spiritual materialism with spiritual maturation. If your path is not built upon a healthy foundation of respect for the boundaries, and brilliance of the individual, it will lead you nowhere. Grounded spirituality strikes a balance between our experience of unity and connect to the path right under our feet. Spirit takes on new meaning when we interact with unity from an individuated and clarified purpose. Real change is not about the fairy-tale – it is about landing on your feet in reality. It’s about finding the romance in the naked fires of human life. It is about having your feet on the ground, your heart open, and your wings spread.

Together, we start with the feet then move upward.