Bad Thinking

Bad thinking creates disease. If your thinking is not high functioning enough to keep you healthy, you will become sick. We want a certain quality of love, wealth and fulfillment and we need high quality perceptions to hold that space for ourselves.

Much of our dysfunctional thinking is caused by beliefs that we have been born into. They are not right or wrong – they are simply a headset. There could be a better way -a higher functioning operating system – through which we see the world. It’s limiting to say “That’s just the way I am” or “This is the way I was taught to think”.  A part of our challenge is to rid our way of seeing the world. To shed our viewpoints so that we can simply have a view.

How we see the world is not the container for truth, but simply a lens through which we see truth. When there starts to be conflicts with the way we believe the world works and what is actually happening in the world, this can create a crossroads. Things that are happening are no longer making sense. We can either shift our view, or deny reality. Whenever you think someone or something should be other than the way it is, there is belief and thought.  These are both the outcome and function of our lens. “How dare they”, “How could they”, “They didn’t deserve that” The world will continue to “harm you” until you become disciplined enough to work through this web of thought.


In order for energy medicine to be effective (if you are to heal at the speed of energy), you must be detached from your lens. You must understand the symbolic ingredients that you are a participant in. You must go through the inner rigger of extracting all of the thoughts and identities that we cling to. We believe these perceptions make us who we are. This becomes our fabric of resistance to god. If we release memories, thoughts, wounds, we lose ourselves in the process. Who will I be if I’m no longer wounded? No longer American? No longer a woman?

Perhaps most importantly, who would I be if I were ok with how others practiced their lives? Who would I be if in that allowing, I even allowed for the stages of growth that include stages of darkness that may be very difficult for me to tolerate? Like the Dali lama looking at the slaughter of people. He had only compassion. This is because he understands nothing is personal. We do not live in a personal world. It is an impersonal world that we interact with in a personal way.  It could have happened anywhere and has happened before. When we make extreme acts of fear personal, nothing is clear. We become lost in our own muck.

What creating reality is about, is choosing whether or not the world behind our eye will include resentment for creation the next day. I am the only one who is inside of me. Everything behind my eyes is a tool of creation. Every single one is very profound. I am accountable for all of them. I can create whatever I want – but this is attached to acts of creation. It’s like an unlimited credit card, but there is a bill at the end of every night. Everything that I do has a cause and effect. What lands us in unhappiness is the chaos we create for ourselves. We do this because it is time for us to move forward into a different consciousness. The manner in which we have been living to that point isn’t conscious enough.

In self-development work, we shift our interior. It is like a psychic chiropractic adjustment. We fly out of our personality levels and into the cosmos. We leave our identity, beliefs, and ego behind. Once we are done, we have to squeeze our newfound expansiveness back into our bodies and integrate all of what we have learned. During that shift, we must answer many questions. Do I take my healing seriously? Am I devoted to the truth that a miracle can happen any time?