Close to the bone

As a healer, people hire me to help them see their blind spots. I am paid to be detached. A detached being has potential to comprehend completely and understand the complex mysteries behind all relationships. There is no emotional whirlwind to get caught into. The truth of it all can shine through.


While healing, it is essential to be so detached that you can see the significance of how a pattern or attitude is impacting someone. As a healer, you must develop to a level of consciousness so astute that you can spot someone’s shadow engaging.

If someone has never had these shadows pointed out, it is possible that their patterns are so potent that they are unwilling, and unable to see them. It is so strong within them that they won’t let anyone near it. And if you start getting near it, a downpour of excuses, viscous behavior, and blaming will often ensue.

Close to the bone

When we point out truths this bright, we can get very close to the bone.

And we must continue to have the stamina and courage to get that close to the bone, no matter the consequences. We cannot sugar coat the truth to others – that is betraying the integrity of our work.

As we continue developing this craft, it becomes easier to see the truth in our own selves. To enhance this gift, check in with yourself during a transition. This is the perfect opportunity to perfect the manner in which you make your choices. What is your criteria for making a decision? Are you driven by vision or by fear?

To be this detached and this astute in tracking energy, we start with ourselves. Dissect every aspect. What happens when someone gets close to your bones?

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