Loving from the lifeboat

Many of us are finding ourselves on lifeboats. Our past ships have sunk, burned, or been hijacked. We are sailing away, happy to have made it out ok, healing and resting before we start building the next ship.

Some of us need a long time on the lifeboat – for others the journey is quick.

Love can look appealing when you are on the lifeboat. The problem is – lifeboats are not big enough to hold love for more than one person– the life boat is built just for you.

Lifeboat love is intense. Your heart will begin to feel overcrowded. You would do anything for him. Soon the love gets so big you have to start throwing things off the lifeboat to keep it afloat.

You throw out your pride.

Then your independence.

Then your self-respect.

Soon you start throwing people out. Your friends, your family.

And still it is not enough.

That kind of love will sink you.

sinking lifeboat

That tiny word… love. It has the power to stand on its own. Love can be as light as an embrace or as heavy as a sacrifice. Protect your lifeboat friends. Keep yourself safe – there is so much more waiting for you once you make it to the other side.

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