Our past

Our past now has a position of reality rather than history. We have given our past a level of authority within us. It is commonly viewed as an essential ingredient of our healing. The past now plays a psychic and emotional role for us.

Not only are we now dealing with the past of this life, but of many. Past lives have become another frontier of investigating and building the human psyche.

So what does this mean?

We have broken through the barriers of time and space within our thinking. We no longer have a time zone filtering through our third eye.

When we stand at a crossroads in our life, we no longer are looking at the challenges as they stand before us, we now scan multiple lifetimes. If we look at our relationships and we can’t identify someone in their present costume, we look to the past and discover that the robes have been changed.

What if past lives have something to do with my life today? Maybe that is why I have karma here? We are now free to pose the question – How immortal am I?

Whether or not we’re making this up is another discussion. There is truly no way to really test it. But what we can do is allow ourselves to walk through the wall of time and go wherever we want.

This is affecting the speed at which we create, comprehend, make choices, and grasp our feelings. Detachment has become easier. Understanding that perhaps there is a bigger picture that has nothing to do with me personally is becoming more tangible. This shift doesn’t necessarily change our physical world, but as we shift our perspective, time is shifting as well.

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