A Seeker's Manifesto

A Seeker’s Manifesto – Rules to Live By

(how to not be another snooty spiritual woo-woo)

As the seekers of the world, we have a unique opportunity to break down barriers, foster intimacy and connection, and spread wild ripples through our spheres of influence. We can banish stereotypes, stimulate the local economy, and bring fresh light unto ourselves and communities.

Self-discovery, by nature, is a life-changing thing — not only for yourself but for those in your life and the greater spiritual community. Each day, we walk forward a better version of ourselves with greater depth and open hearts.

And yet, so often, I see seeker’s become the worst of themselves – obnoxiously complaining about those who are less privileged to do the same depth of self-work, demanding acknowledgment for their yoga practice, and turning ancient practices, prayer and ritual into a frivolous commodity that is to be consumed. Too many seekers treat their practice as their own personal hedonistic plaything. Therefore, in order to actually make leaps and bounds in your own practice, foster depth and understanding, and get the most out of your practice and ultimately be awesome, I say we check out the following guidelines, so we can be the people other seekers want to know, and everyone else doesn’t hate.

  1. If traveling to a new spiritual community, I will read and be informed about where I’m going before I get there.
  2. I will be respectful of cultures and customs.
  3. I will try something I’m afraid of.
  4. I will not turn cheapness, lack, or poverty into a sign of spiritual superiority since being spiritual is not a race to the bottom.
  5. I will not be a loud, obnoxious seeker that demands for loved ones to conform to my values.
  6. I will have patience.
  7. I will be humble.
  8. I will have no regrets about taking a “me day” but I will do so while being respectful to those around me.

9. I will have no regrets about allowing my emotional experience to be fully felt and processed, but I will do so in a safe container that will not hurt, or negatively impact those who are near me.

10. I will not pretend to have a spiritual, emotional, or liberating experience nor use those experiences to draw unnecessary attention to myself.  My deeply intimate spiritual relationship is not here to fuel my ego.

11. I will understand self-work is not an excuse to give up on personal hygiene. My Body needs love. 

12. I will not ask fellow seekers the same questions over and over again and, instead, will get to know them beyond how many hours they spend meditating each morning and who they have studied with.

13. I will not turn seeking into a competition.

14. I will not tell people how many times I have done ceremony unless they ask.

15. I will not whine about how seeking was so much better ten years ago, nor will I listen to those who do.

16. I will not be a smugly superior seeker and judge others for how they seek.

17. I will not judge people for skipping their rituals or practice when they need “me-time”.

18. I will remember to get off Facebook, put my camera down, and enjoy the moment. Documenting my seeking does not make it any more real.

19. I give myself permission to go slowly. 

20. I will follow my seeking wanderlust if so desired. My road is flexible enough to change as I change.

21. I will remember that seeking is a privilege.

22. I will be grateful for every stupid, amazing, unexpected, breathtaking moment on this road and all the wonderful people who enrich my life.

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