A 6-month online Intensive – Subtle Energy Training

The Elegant Mystic

Transforming towards our awakening

Are you longing for more? Open towards subtle experience and mastery in this 6-month online course. 

This course is designed for both enhancing your skill set in facilitating transformation for others and your personal development and awakening.  We will be diving into the foundational skills, techniques, awareness’s, and embodiment using specifically designed maps, models, techniques, and practices. 

However competent a coach/healer/facilitator you already are, you’ll likely be humbled and excited by how even the simplest interaction can become a work of art. The ability to walk into a room and shift any group’s dynamic, like a chiropractor making a single adjustment that shifts the effectiveness of the entire system…we’ve found this to be an art form with an infinite horizon line.

A Training Like No Other

How we uniquely light the path

Transform yourself and others

Learn the ins and outs of creating transformational experiences for others, and in the process receive cutting edge transformational experiences, designed to support you in growing into your leading edge.

Integral Synthesis

All of the work learned in class is a synthesis of multiple bodies of knowledge, science, philosophies, wisdom, and tradition. We pull from decades of experience and have multiple staff with their own specialties to create a holistic course designed to support you in bringing this information directly into your day-to-day life. 

Incomparable levels of support

Beyond the perspective of a single teacher, there are multiple teachers who will be sharing their unique perspective and mastery in this course. There is a 1:3 staff to student ratio including prime course leaders, assistant course leaders and mentors.

Subtle Energy Training

Develop your own energetic gifts and optimize them according to your unique structure of being.  Access extraordinary awareness energy, synchronistic flow, alchemy, and aliveness. 

Developmentally Driven

This training is created to not just create state changes, but level changes. Expand your capacity and follow your leading edge within knowing yourself, other, and being with what is. 

Awakening in Community

Access a community of deeply engaged humans. Transform yourself relationally. Integrate this work into your relationships with others, and your relationship to the collective. 

How It Works

2020 curriculum

Module 1: January 25th and 26th

– Introduction to Elegant Mystic Principles and the Container

– An overview of Elegant Mystic maps and models that we’ll be exploring together

– A foundation of  practices that will be essential for the next 6 months

– Field of awareness, layers of the field, levels of being, types of systems


Module 2: February 22nd and 23rd

– Relationship as a spiritual path

– Relationship to self and energetics as a way to transform


Module 3: March 21st and 22nd

– Maps and constructs of time: Lifetimes and memory

– Time constructs: bound to boundlessness


Module 4: April 25th and 26th

– At the alter of our origins: Ancestry

– Family + Systemic Constellations

– The family system

– Archetypes, Roles, polarization and distribution

– Lineage healing 


Module 5: May 30th and 31st

– Soul Retrieval: Becoming Whole

– Multiplicity of self: Parts work

– The self as a collective

– Shadow: Projection and Interojection


Module 6: June 27th and 28th

– Cycles: Initiation, arrival, death

– Specific system conditions: trauma, addiction, illness

– Group Ceremony, returning to the individual


Details for the 2020 Program

Taught by Elegant Mystic Staff, guest teachers, interns and assistants, this course is a 6-month long course, with class meetings one weekend a month, at four hours each Saturday and Sunday of the weekend date.

The modules are hosted via the Zoom conference platform, from 10:00am-2:00pm MDT each course date. Each module contains a mixture of lecture, experiential practice, and both group and individual opportunities to deepen into the work.

Additional technologies needed to participate in the course are Facebook and Voxer. We will be using private groups on these channels to support delivering content, creating community and integration for each other.


Between Modules

You’ll be doing a lot of both supporting and being supported, in as many different contexts as possible. And there’s no way around this. This isn’t a course focused on supporting you to ‘help everybody else’. Knowing intimately what it’s like to have a blindspot highlighted by a coach simply co-exploring with you, or to suddenly have a ‘good cry’ you didn’t even know you needed, or feeling deeply seen and understood during a practice session…only by having walked this terrain yourself will you help others navigate their own. 


Between each module, you will receive, two 90 minute practice sessions with a course lead. Here you will have direct feedback on your work in between courses.


You will be assigned a mentor and a group of 2 students that you will be paired with for the duration of the training. In this group you will complete course group homework, awareness practices, and trade sessions with each other.

Program Cost

Our 6-month program is a profound investment in your growth and transformation. We limit your cohort to 15 participants, some whom we’ve encouraged years prior to wait until a more optimal time to train with us. We never presume training with us is the right choice for you! Your enrollment will be considered on a first come first serve basis. You need to complete and submit all application materials, in addition to your deposit, in order to be considered. 

Financially speaking we strive to keep our tuition low (especially considering the 3:1 ratio of instructors to students) and we do not subscribe to ‘abundance mentality’ paradigms that might encourage someone to spend money they don’t have. Depending on your emotional constitution, taking on a larger investment than you’ve saved up for might ironically prevent you from being emotionally supple enough for such an intensive training.

Payment Details: 

– Submit a $500 deposit by December 15th to register

– Total course cost is $3,497. Early bird cost is $2,997 if paid in full by December 15th. 

– Payment plans are available at $500 per month.

– Bring a friend and receive a $250 referral bonus

Meet your Trainers

Cat Gelinas and Shelby Robbins

“We’re definitely not the ideal instructors for everyone. Some considerations before signing up with us: 

Our instructors don’t subscribe to the idea that intuitives are not intelligent or are “beyond” cognitive capacity. Holistic development means that we support our intuitives in holding complex psychological maps, and stretching their ability to articulate and hold nuance.  “Get out of your head” isn’t something you’ll likely hear us say in this training, and we will encourage a balance of embodiment and emotional capacity stretching as well. 

We imagine that this cohort is the perfect combination of people to both teach, support and trigger you. We expect trigger will happen – it often does in growth experiences – and we do not view it as a necessarily bad or good thing. Our students report that much of their learning stems  from experiences with their cohort as with their instructors. You’ll likely spend the year practicing with a blend of therapists & coaches, along with a sprinkling of artists, bodyworkers and various spiritual seekers. Your ability to learn from this variety of values & perspectives is a part of the course. If experiencing interpersonal difference is not something you are available for, this course may not be a good fit.   

We focus as much on HOW an intuitive approaches an encounter just as much as on what they do or say, and some find this degree of focus tedious. We find that this degree of attention on nuance is what sets our training apart in developing masterful intuitive leaders.

If you’re feeling anxious, know that our instructors can be intense and they are extremely committed to not only kindness, but humility as well. At the end of the day we know that only you can determine the best style of fascilitation for you. That said, you still may experience training with us as uncomfortably direct. 

Our interview process sorts for participants who are stable enough in their personal lives to navigate possible emotional upheaval at times, as well as for their comfort debating or disagreeing with their instructors (which we welcome).

“A training like no other”

“In this course group work, Shelby formed a safe, welcoming environment for me to sort out my intuition. I have not only began accepting myself and gaining confidence but I also realize that I can allow myself to embrace my emotions and then let them go. Tracking energy has come very naturally for me, and she helped me use that to my advantage. Shelby helps my light shine brighter, and brings back pieces of myself I never knew were missing! 10/10 I would recommend.”

– Madi R. Nurse

Interested in the course?

These 6 months of training are a joy to participate in.

It truly makes the entire year a more rich & productive time for everyone, students and faculty alike.

But we aren’t spiritual entertainers. We wouldn’t dedicate our careers to this if the Elegant Mystic didn’t also reliably lead to concrete results. Happier families, promotions at work, a more successful company of your own…

If you’ve made it this far down our sales page, you’ve likely at least tasted dropping into the zone with full access intuition.This application of coaching, facilitation, and/or mediation to high-leverage situations…it’s pretty straightforward yet also mysterious.

Extraordinary doors tend to open as you cultivate this level of leadership.



This Training is for you if…..


  • You are passionate about health, wellness, and transformation

  • You are interested in starting a career as a coach, intuitive, or practitioner

  • At-home learning works for you

  • You want to support others and relieve suffering

  • Your personal transformation inspires you

  • You have always known you are intuitive, and you need support training and refining this skills.  

Meet Cat and Shelby


This is Cat Gelinas and Shelby Robbins – we are so excited to welcome you into this course. 

We have both experienced firsthand the powerful shifts that happen in energetic containers.  Both of us have had our own unique journey in relating to our intuition and the challenges we’ve moved through living in a society that doesn’t teach about this sacred relationship. 

We hold that experience is a vast, open space. 

We hold that your intuitive self is waiting for you. 

We invite you into relationship with us here. 

Together, we will explore, uncover, open and refine our natural impulse for profound evolution.  

Cat Gelinas, Co-founder


Cat Gelinas started her path to personal development in 2005.  She started having many life-changing shifts that lead to growth, happiness, and healing that she became passionate and committed to bringing that power and freedom to others.  

She’s trained in Family & Systemic Constellations – healing inherited ancestral trauma in families and systemic shadow, energy medicine, consciousness development, and authentic relational skills.  Powerful new avenues of healing opened up and the knowledge of how to navigate consciousness in a way that facilitates expansion and ease.  

Today, she blends all of her training together to create a unique experience of healing and discovery that brings her clients clarity, power, and freedom.

Shelby Robbins, Co-founder


Shelby Robbins is a coach in Boulder, Colorado. Nothing else fuels her like showing up for others to hold space for their transformation. Her mission is to help you claim the right to be ecstatically alive, in all the places you touch the world. She incorporates intuitive coaching, shadow work, awareness techniques and re-wiring tools for you to use in everyday settings. Her philosophy is rooted in years of self-development and her journey through several major life-upheavals that have brought her through an in-depth immersion into discovery and awareness. From studying adult development, Relational Leadership, and somatic psychology, and completed various apprenticeships under different shamanic traditions, Shelby’s many training’s have been integrated into her unique approach to coaching professionals. No matter where you are in your journey she would be happy to guide you through the fires of personal development.

What sets this training apart from others? 

If you’re fascinated by  intuition and spiritual developement, but you want to go beyond simply telling people what and how to evolve –

if you want to actually dive into why people have issues in these realms in the first place, and really get to the heart of your clients’ challenges –

then, quite simply, you need this information. When coaches focus only on corrections without getting to the root causes of the concern,

the same challenges will tend to present themselves again and again. At the Elegant Mystic, we’re all about making real and lasting changes

in people’s lives – and we’ve developed the tools and protocols that work when it comes to transformation and healing that’s truly sustainable.

So many practitioners know the difficulties involved in actually getting clients to follow through with the recommendations they suggest.

You can have a degree, you can even be a medical doctor with all the latest science and technology at your fingertips, but if you want your

clients to actually DO what you suggest – meaning if you want to be truly effective as a practitioner – the time-tested, results-oriented

coaching techniques that we teach will make all the difference. I’m sure you know people who’ve tried every course out there and still

haven’t seen the results they were looking for. That might even describe you. What we offer is something very different: a framework

for getting to the source of any challenge and addressing it from the inside out. Yes, in this training you’ll get intuitive techniques, coaching

strategies, and practical transformation skills. But you’ll get something that no one else is talking about, something that will give you a real

edge as a practitioner: a profound understanding of a developmental psychology for everyone.

There’s so much more to the Training than I can cover here. And I promise you we’ve done everything we can to make sure this is a comprehensive

professional experience. You’ll see that when you put the tools, skills and insights we give you into practice, your new career will be flourishing in less

than a year. We pride ourselves on this being not only an inspiring experience, but a highly effective Certification Training.

I'm interested in applying for the 2020 Course

A Final Thought


We live in a time where so many of us are waking up to the possibility that we can make a living truly helping others while having the freedom and flexibility we crave. The possibilities are truly endless here.


Our Elegant Mystic Certification Training is designed to take you into the future of transformative healing… now. You’ll be at the forefront of a new movement in healing psychology that addresses all of who we are as intuitives – body, mind, heart, and soul.


The skills you’ll learn are unique and revolutionary and will empower you to change lives as an Elegant Mystic practitioner. You’ll come away with confidence, inspiration, a new and profound understanding of your relationship with god, and the coaching tools you need to skilfully help others transform their eating challenges for good.


I look forward to reviewing your application and meeting you in the Training!


My warmest regards,

Shelby Robbins and Cat Gelinas
Founders of the Elegant Mystic







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