Events with Shelby

Season of Wealth: Online 5-week Mastermind


Where: Online platform, Zoom
When (all times are 9am-11am MDT):


November 7th: The Altar of our Origin

November 13th: Activating Abundance

November 28th: Success- Relationship and Status

December 5th: Structure, Flow, and the Collective

December 11th: Desire- Our Divine Purpose

+1 60 minute energy healing with Shelby


In service of our collective healing on wealth and abundance, I’m hosting five, two hour, online retreats dedicated to developing your profound and sacred relationship to money and wealth this winter. We will dive deeply into our relationship with money, money, and time, money and relationships, success, money structure of a business, and a larger purpose. This Mastermind is capped at 12 people, so we will have an intimate group at every event and really get to support each other on this ride in community.



Awaken the Shaman, With Spiritual Acceleration

When: December 8th and 9th from 9:00am-1:00pmMT
Where: Online platform, Zoom


An online energy healing intensive course designed to awaken your gifts.


Have you always known that you have intuitive skill but never been sure how to use it? Are you wanting support in stepping into your intuition in a more profound way? In this class, we will initiate you into your intuitive gifts. We know that everyone has the capacity to awaken to their intuition. We will help you tune into your buried or hidden intuition. You will open into the energetic world and Awaken The Shaman within you.


Details for logging into class, the course workbook, and other goodies will be sent to you before the weekend begins.



6-month Apprenticeship


When: One, two day, weekend for six months
Where: Boulder, Colorado.

This is a six-month journey into our inner healer. It is a course focused on energy healing and creating a strong foundation for stepping into energetic work.


We focus on three things…

The first is embodiment. In this class, we begin with your embodiment. We begin with depthful group healing experiences that invite you to step more fully into your full expression of yourself.  

The second is relational skill. Uncover your relational blind spots in a tight-knit group. Widen your relational capacity and begin healing inter-personal wounding. After the self, we move into refining how we show up, relate, connect, and create intimacy with others.

The final component is energetic skill. As a group, you will experience multiple Initiations, developments, and awakening to energetic finesse. We will bring your subtle energy senses more online and assist you in cultivating a strong intuition. Most students will leave this course ready to do energy work with clients of their own.


Advanced Course: Illuminate

Where: Online platform, Zoom

Jan 20th from 9-1pm MDT

February 10th 9-1pm MDT

Feb 17th 9-1pm MDT

Feb 24th 9-1pm MDT

March 17th 9-1pm MDT

This is for people I know who are healers, looking to step up their skills and want more Shelby secrets. In this online program, we are going to illuminate 6 maps / techniques to healing + relating to the human psyche, to take our work to the next level of efficiency + accelerate our own growth and embodiment.

My intention for this course…

  • To support healers in becoming more effective.
  • Bringing more agility, knowledge, and adaptability to healers
  • Grounding energetic healing work in the human psyche (especially helpful for those of us who are more cosmically oriented)
  • Supporting healers in bringing this work more mainstream.

Free 45 minute Gratitude Prayer + Activation

When: Wednesday, November 21st at 11am MDT

Where: Online platform, Zoom


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