Here I am.


I’m all for the light. My version of healing has looked like long slow bodywork, brisk walks, bone rattling fear, mysticism, shamanism and deep sweet empathy. I love business. I love teaching. I believe that the best self-help is self compassion.

I am a teacher, healer, coach, and entrepreneur.

My most valuable qualifications for this work come from my own personal experiences and journey into my own heart.

I have always gravitated towards the situations where I learn the most. Addiction, codependency, abuse, near death experiences, illness, body image issues, family upheaval and profound uncertainty…. all have been a part of my story. The combination of these experiences lead me through a battlefield of abusive and unhealthy relationships. My gifts completely shut down. I allowed myself to become small, angry, and isolated.

In 2014, my body had finally had enough. I became extremely ill. I had a heart condition and a slew of other seemingly unrelated problems. Months later, I was introduced to a shaman. After a single session, she threw me threw the fires of personal development. I have since undergone deep emotional and psychological exploration, hunting down the places where I wasn’t true or loving. I learned what the word surrender means. I had many generous teachers help me discover the power that comes through self agency, and savoring life in all of its flavors. My framework allows all of the so-called imperfections of life to be expressed on the ground that they are your greatest teacher, rather than something that needs to be swept under the rug. My body healed.

Since, I have thrown myself fully into the healing arts. I have made extreme leaps with my inner world, healing myself of many personal demons. My relationships are compassionate and supportive, I have amazing tools to relate with others, and I have created a powerful relationship with my own superpowers. I have cultivated a lifestyle of inquiry and curiosity that nurtures my personal and professional life.

I am deeply humbled and grateful for the blessing my experiences have been and continue to be in my life. It has been an opportunity to embody many tremendous teachings, and has been a beautiful foundation upon which to learn more about what it means to be a human being.


My Professional Journey


I feel most alive when I’m teaching and serving. Nothing else fuels me like showing up for others to hold space for their own transformation. My highest desire is to help you claim the right to be ecstatically alive, in all the places you touch the world.


My teachers and training’s have been many.


I attended university at Quest University Canada where I studied joy, dove into energy work and shamanism with many teachers including Bonnie Serratore at Spiritual Acceleration, lived at a Buddhist Zen Center, and am a licensed massage therapist. I am currently studying somatic psychology at Naropa University, and am involved in Integral circling and Relational Leadership trainings. I’ve facilitated training’s, workshops, retreats, and classes. I’ve lead teenagers and adults into their edges and mentored instructors. Currently, I work as an intuitive coach, healer and teacher in an office in Louisville, CO.

17 things you might not know about me:

1. I love turtles.


2. I hang out with my spunky teenage sister every Saturday. We have epic sleepovers that include an array of board games, hiking and exploring, along with pun battles between her and my boyfriend. It is a highlight of my week.


3. I am a Capricorn, with a Taurus rising and Taurus moon. In human design, I am a 5:1 manifesting generator. I am an enneagram 7w6.


4. One of my grandma’s is a conservative baptist southerner who owns a gun and drinks sweat tea. The other grandma is a liberal, beauty salon owning, New Yorker who wears at least 5 inch heals everywhere she goes. They are both tough women who raised their kids on their own. I have a little bit of both of them in me.


5. When I was 8, I was torn between wanting to be an angel when I grew up or prima ballerina. I feel like now I get to be a bit of both.


6. I am gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, egg free, sesame free, yeast free, and soy free. I eat chocolate every night.


7.There is nothing to me like skiing. I rarely feel as free as I do when I am flying down a mountain.


8. My top three next trips: Iceland, Italy, Peru.


9. I have a huge gemstone collection. Every month I alot myself time to browse gemstones and choose my next addition. I love their energy!


10. My current boyfriend and I used to know each other in high school. Years later we reconnected and are now celebrating our third year anniversary. Woo-hoo!


11. I love love love owning my own business. It’s been a sacred journey that’s revealed so much to me about my own beliefs, ability, and faith.


12. I feel abundant when I have extra chocolate in the house, and a few massages on the calendar.


13. Most of my family is confused about the work I do. Energy work? Coaching? Huh? I used to be upset by that, but now, these relationships help keep me grounded while I’m on my flight. The earth to my sky…


14. I spend a ton of time at coffee shops 🙂 That’s where I’m writing this list. I love the energy, the hustle and bustle, and the warm drinks.


15. I read at least one book a month. I always have a big stack by my bed just waiting to be cracked open.


16. Every-night I wear a giant pink fuzzy robe and have a cup of tea.


17. The desert feels more like home to me then anywhere else in the world. Even though I grew up in forest-y Colorado. I go to the southwest multiple times a year to soak in the sun.