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Eleana Oceanheart

World Traveler

Writer, Artist, Energy Healer

Claudia Salvee


Artist and Singer

Effie Hadzis

Toronto, CA

Psychotherapist and Author

Our clients get results

“The results with Shelby are deep, lasting and holistic. I experienced a releasing of old energies/habits/stories, increased personal awareness, and feeling free of bindings while simultaneously grounded and strong – as if I’d been rebuilt! Each session with Shelby feels complete, as if Shelby were working with many different levels simultaneously. She is truly a gift to the community and to all people who want to experience their highest potential.”

Lulu - Missoula, MT

Non-profit Director, Turning the Wheel

“I highly recommend Shelby as a teacher and coach. One session with her and my life changed! I’m not sure exactly how – but it was that amazing. I am better able to focus, remain calm during stress, and have improved my relationships with my family. Shelby is incredibly honest and straightforward about what to expect. You can’t lose working with Shelby!”

Kelly - Denver, CO

Business Coach, Author, Kelly Robbins

“I’ve worked with Shelby for over a year. Through this time we have addressed many core issues that have plagued me throughout my entire life. Body image, visibility, victim mentality, codependency, weight gain, and so much more. During this time, I have witnessed Shelby’s talent in the field of coaching and intuitive work grow. She skillfully peels off layers and makes it to the root of my many issues so that they fully transform. She is a joy to work with!”

Karen - France

Owner, Boulder Centre for Master Builders

In facilitating group work, Shelby formed a safe, welcoming environment for me to sort out what I’m feeling. I have not only began accepting myself and gaining confidence but I also realize that I can allow myself to embrace my emotions and then let them go. Tracking energy has come very naturally for me, and she helped me use that to my advantage. Shelby helps my light shine brighter, and brings back pieces of myself I never knew were missing! 10/10 would recommend.

Madi - Denver, CO


Shelby is sweet, kind, patient and easy to talk to. She was able to asses what was really going on with me. I felt relief emotionally and spiritually. I highly recommend working with Shelby!

Anne - Folsom, A

Spiritual Life Coach, Anne K Ross

I just love love love to work with Shelby during our private sessions. We manage to achieve so much during our session. I experience Shelby as very kind, sensitive , loving and an utterly supportive being. She is very effective. I highly recommend working with her.”

Maureen Emes - Norway

Energy healer

Every now and then an exceptionally talented and highly creative practitioner opens her healing practice to the public. I am thrilled to have met one such person, Shelby Robbins.

Shelby is both a naturally gifted and highly trained coach who offers unique multidimensional transformational experiences. She has assisted me tremendously with issues ranging from shoulder pain to the creation of an abundant life and has done so in a confident, competent, and compassionate manner. Her own life’s path is inspiring and drives her passion to help others achieve their goals by exploring their hearts, minds and souls. Her energy is boundless and her open heartedness is contagious. I guarantee that working with Shelby will open doors to places you may not have dreamed possible.

She’s that good!

Shayn Smith - Boulder, CO

Career Counselor, PHD

Shelby is an extremely intuitive, witty, and magical being! I’ve had the pleasure to work with her and look forward to continue our work of deep healing. I’ve enjoyed her work so much that I referred my father and my friends to her. I swear by my word, in which YOU MUST VISIT SHELBY! Her charming smile and passionate heart invites you back home.

Tiffany - Boulder, CO

Yoga Teacher

I was referred to Shelby by another person, and just after 20 minutes of talking with her during the initial consultation, I knew immediately that I would want to work with her.  The session was very powerful indeed and I am certain that the work we did is has profoundly changed the course of my life. Shelby is a sweet, compassionate soul and I recommend her to anyone looking to heal, or transform their lives.  I’m so glad our paths crossed and I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Effie Hadzis - Toronto, ON

Healer, Art of Conscious Living

“Shelby is the only coach I would recommend to friends. I have been to many different professionals and although some have helped me, none of them earned my trust. But, right from the start, Shelby was grounded, professional, and went directly to my block. I was impressed when she checked-in after the session. She cares! But most important, Shelby was able to tune into what was bothering me. My issues were very deep and Shelby can go there. I love working with Shelby and am so grateful for all the help she has given me!!!!! Don’t hesitate, she’s worth it.”

Melissa - New York, NY


Shelby is by far one of the most gifted, genuine, and dedicated coaches on the planet! She will never give up on you and meets you right where you need to be met. She is truly a gem, sparkling brightly to support growth and healing on many levels.  I highly recommend working with her.

Christina C - Vermont

Chemical Engineer

“Shelby is a truly gifted intuitive. I’ve been to several in my life, and she is the real deal. She is wise beyond her years. Everything she said resonated as deeply true to my being. I am so grateful for her coaching and I highly recommend her to anyone needing a breath of fresh air in his/her life.”

Brooke - Denver, CO


From the first conversation I had with Shelby I knew that she would be a great soul ally. In the time that I’ve come to know and work with her since, I’ve discovered an incredibly beautiful, loving, and authentic spirit. An individual yearning for nothing less than genuine presence as well as deep truth. Shelby invites me into true authenticity with myself, and, seemingly without difficulty, manages to hold a level of space that I have only experienced with a handful of other people. I am confident in asserting that Shelby has both the gifts and diligence required to facilitate true, deep, and long-lasting healing. She has been a godsend for my path, and I look forward to working with her well into the future.

I have nothing but respect and adoration for Shelby, and would recommend her whole-heartedly to anyone looking for coaching.

Travis - Boulder, CO


“I have met few people that are as talented and gifted as Shelby. I came to her nearly a year ago seeking out her expertise with issues in trauma, life purpose, depression, and boundaries, that had been severely crippling my quality of life. She has truly been a ray of sunshine for me and has helped me through the darkest time in my life. I’ve had a wide array of emotions, false beliefs, and shadow present that she was able to effortlessly help me heal through. Not only is her intuition and Shamanic skills been of tremendous value, but also the friendship that she provided me while I have recreated my world was a life savor. I’ve loved working with Shelby and I have no intentions of slowing down with her!”

Abbey Pilgeram - Montana


“Shelby Robbins is a beautiful healer and vibrant practitioner. She is always a joy to work with. Her light is abundant and heart so wide open, anyone would be lucky to work with Shelby.”

Bonnie Serratore - Longmont, CO

Shaman, Spiritual Acceleration

“I go into more esoteric things with neutrality and lack of expectation, but I left Shelby’s session really wow’ed. If the only thing I had gotten from the visit with her was the unprecedented physical sensation of being encased- but not trapped- in 70 thousand pounds of warm sand all around me, yet still being completely cogent and clear, that would have been plenty! That was not it, however. Since then I have felt trapped energy unfurling, making itself known in many parts of my life. Making itself known period. I didn’t see what I could not see. Now I am seeing more. The effects can be as subtle as the warm sand was profound. I am more in touch with myself. Thank you, Shelby!”

Teresa - Santa Cruz, CA

Landscape Design, Eco by Design

“Shelby has a strong presence and is very intuitive. While I can’t always detail my experience, with Shelby I had a couple of special circumstances occur during my clearing: the first thing was she initiated physiological responses in my body, similar to as if she had helped me tap into my gifts more deeply. This did not exist or show itself to the magnitude until I had a session with Shelby. Secondly, Shelby was able to pinpoint a specific issue and minimize the behavior I was stuck in, impacting the actual issue to a significant degree. Shelby also goes above and beyond by checking in with her clients or reaching out every so often, which goes a long way for people to know she cares. Shelby is the real deal. I really appreciate her work and recommend her always.”

Laura Porter - Salida, CO

Private Investigator, Porter Investigations Inc.

“I had my first session with Shelby Robbins last week and I can’t recommend her enough…I was blown away…it was so powerful and got right to the bottom of my issues…I am still processing everything that happened but thank you thank you thank you Shelby…with all my heart!”

Vikki - Epsom, UK

Spiritual Teacher

Shelby is able to access places and spaces you may have no idea exist, uncovering and releasing issues that would otherwise keep you bound for lifetimes. As well as being amazingly effective, our sessions were fun, interesting and revealing. In our first session Shelby dealt so efficiently with my presenting issue. Within minutes it was clear to me that in that time she had achieved what years of counselling and psychotherapy could barely have left an impression on. At our second session I had no clear idea of my needs, and yet every area that Shelby touched on and dived into immediately resonated with me as the next step I was waiting for. I cannot recommend Shelby enough. if this type of work appeals to you then I can’t imagine that you could find better!!

Tracey Mcphee - England