One-on-One Work

Imagine waking up every day feeling exited and curious about the new adventures ready to unfold. What would life be like if your soul was unsilenced? What if you could feel the spark that lights your life and fuels your joy within every moment? 

Imagine how much richer your life would be. 

Ultimately, it is the relationship we have with ourselves that most greatly affects our relationships with everyone and everything. Problems start to happen when we lose sight of deeper aspects of ourselves and neglect that relationship. Emotions overwhelm, our perceptions get distorted and the world may begin to look like a complicated, limited place.

I guide people through the journey of rediscovering hidden aspects of the self that have become lost or buried. Your purpose is to embody and share the gift of you completely! You can’t do that if parts of you have been neglected or forgotten.


In rediscovering the self, we:

Find a more simple, deeper, heart centered space.

Start slowing down, and relating to our inner world with compassion and curiosity.

Feel more spacious when we start processing our emotions, instead of pushing our feelings away.

Experience a vibrancy and sense of purpose

We open up! Our lives fill with more fun, abundance, joy, creativity and organic playfulness.

“Shelby is a truly gifted healer. I’ve been to several in my life, and she is the real deal. She is wise beyond her years. Everything she said resonated as deeply true to my being. I am so grateful for her healing and I highly recommend her to anyone needing a breath of fresh air in his/her life.” Brooke



When we work (and play) together, you’ll learn to feel the aliveness of your life. I welcome you to a creative space where you’re free to claim your soul’s yearnings, largeness, vibrancy, sensuality, intimacy, power, beauty, and creativity.


Sessions incorporate a non-pushy form of intuitive coaching, energy medicine techniques, playful yet depthful visualization, guidance into your own wisdom, and re-wiring tools to use in every day settings. We will open new channels of openness, joy, and pleasure into your body, mind, and heart.


My philosophy is rooted in my years of self-development and my journey through several major life-upheavels that have brought me to an in-depth immersion into self discovery. I’m not here to “fix” you.


I am here to hold a space for you to radically welcome who you are.


Together, we unsilence your soul. Activate. Live how you’ve always wanted to live. After our sessions you’ll claim your larger, more alive self and uncover the fire that lights your life.


My process includes…

Uprooting and releasing unconscious beliefs and conditioning keeping you stuck

Cutting edge energy work and visualization techniques

Metabolizing undigested emotional baggage

Play and exploration with your natural abilities, gifts, and vibrancy

Discovery, expression and embodiment of your super powers

Together we enter into a field of creativity where play, joy, and yumminess drive us

“Shelby is by far one of the most gifted, genuine, and dedicated healers on the planet! She will never give up on you and meet you right where you need to be met. She is truly a gem sparkling brightly to support growth and healing at many levels to facilitate you on your journey. I highly recommend working with her.” Christina


“Shelby Robbins is a beautiful healer and vibrant practitioner. She is always a joy to work with. Her light is abundant and heart so wide open, anyone would be lucky to work with Shelby.” – Bonnie Serratore

It is my mission, to support us in our stretching.

If my clients ruled the world.. we would stretch ourselves in the direction of bigness, forgiveness, and captivating authenticity. Our lives – so mysterious and sacred, so present, and so very belonging to you… We would let ourselves be gutted. We’d be unraveled. We would let love open us. We would be real, vulnerable, breathing. Our whole selves on the wing.

We would be people who find enlightenment without forgetting how to laugh. God will be pulling on the corners of our mouths encouraging us to dive in – to love someone fiercely, to believe in something with your whole heart, to celebrate a fleeting moment, to stretch yourself.

Perhaps most importantly, we would love.

We wouldn’t just dip our toes into love, we would jump into the deep end knowing that our journey through intimacy is daring and requires a level of courage and strength that may bring us to our knees. We will love ourselves and others wildly and with reckless abandon. We know in our core that love is as natural as breathing. Without a doubt we would know that in the center of it all we are love and nothing is not love.

Because of this knowing we throw ourselves fully into the game. We are showing up wholly. We are giving nothing less than our all and playing big. We are genuinely, honestly willing to be seen. And in our stretching, in our expansion, in our love, we will be coming home.

“The difference between Shelby’s work and other energy work I’ve had is that the results with her are deep, lasting and holistic. I experienced clearing and releasing of old energies/habits/stories, balancing, personal awareness, and feeling completely free of bindings while at the same time being grounded and strong – as if I’d been rebuilt! Each session feels complete, as if Shelby were working with many different levels simultaneously. If you are curious but new to energy healing, you will feel safe with Shelby. She is very communicative and informed in addition to being in touch with so much more. She is truly a gift to the community and to all people who want to experience their highest potential.”



Non-profit Director - Turning the Wheel