VIP Days

Spend 6 full hours with Shelby as she supports you in expanding into the world as a present, enlivened, purposeful being. Build your platform for cultivating joy and fulfillment in your life.

A VIP Day with Shelby Includes:

  • My undivided attention for 6 hours
  • Clarity on your purpose
  • Emotional Support
  • Well-crafted lifelong tools
  • Unparalleled Energetic support
  • One – 50 minute follow-up call to answer any questions or get support
  • Handouts, worksheets, and homework 
  • Lunch and snacks 
  • A Free Gift! 

The Anatomy of a Breakthrough

For every person, at some point in their life (or for most of us, countless times), there is a thirst – an urgent need – for a breakthrough. We feel stuck, we are running into walls, or we have plateaued. Whether in relationship, business, or health, if any aspect of our lives starts feeling flat, like it’s draining us, or like we’re running around in circles but going nowhere, it can be time to push through that layer of energy. We decide that we can no longer tolerate the obstacles we are facing and our only option is change. It is time for a break through.

We have all read and heard about the legends of great eureka moments that have changed history. The inventor who makes a discovery after thousands of failed experiments. The business innovator struggling to gain traction suddenly bursts into the scene. Are these scenarios random good luck? A by-product of intense commitment and work? Or the outcomes of particular levels of genius? Is it possible for us to “will” a breakthrough to happen?

In my experience working with clients, and throughout my own life, I have learned that the art of achieving a breakthrough is actually fairly simple.

We start with intention.

What are your goals? Where do you want to be on the other side of this? How does your life look once we have moved through this energy?

Then we peel through the layers of what is known

Here we look at and clear the energy in your body. What are you emotions right now? What is like being you, right now? What are the subtle ways this energy is working through your life? What are the backdoor ways you have been self-sabotaging? Where are you closing down your heart?

Then, we experience something new. 

After we do some intentional energy work, we go through a new experience. This looks different for everyone! Here, is where the V.I.P day becomes extremely customized and personal. I create a new experience that will help you more deeply embody the new energy that is required for you to breakthrough this life experience you are struggling with.

Voila – breakthrough

This is for you if:

  • You are a go-getter who is ready to play full out
  • You are tired of being stuck, exhausted, and uninspired
  • You crave inspiration, fulfillment and joy in your life
  • You want to make more money!
  • You are sick of being stressed out
  • Your relationships aren’t feeding you. In fact, they are bringing you down!
  • You crave nourishment, self care, and need a push forward in the right direction.
  • You feel like there is this invisible wall of energy holding you back from being your best you.
  • You are ready to be seen and share your gifts with the world

What our day looks like

We start in my studio. We set aside all of the stresses of your life, and fully become present to the day we are having. We feel our bodies in the room. We smell the candles, feel the sunlight through the windows of the studio. We slow down and prepare to receive the beautiful gifts of the day, and send out what no longer belongs. We surrender to the day. We hold the space for a miracle to happen.

We then move into a conversation. We go over your homework that was due before the day, and start to dig in. We embrace the tears that come up. Or the anger. Sometimes it is shear terror. Sometimes, we go completely numb. And we metabolize it. Together, we face it head on. We dive down deep to this energy and allow it to be known. We breath through it. We allow the energy to move. We fully surrender, and thus are transformed.

Next, we refuel. your spirit has just gone through the fires. It’s time to come back in, and ground.

After a scrumptious lunch, we get practical. We re-asses. We go back to the intention. Then tools, knickknacks, tricks and tips come into play. We make a plan for this to stick. The energy we moved out before lunch now has to be manifested in a physical way. So we bring that energy to the physical dimension. We anchor it.  We talk about how you are going to actually move through this unhealthy relationship. Or what letting go of poverty or lack mindset actually looks like.

And then, we experience a new thing. Something new, that completely re-writes the old beliefs. A new experience that will help you embody the new way of being we helped you move into.

And with that, you are free to play with this new energy out in the world! You are unstuck, enlivened, awake. You have a new path, with a new way of being clearly cut out in front of you. You sink into yourself, releasing all the stress and worry, and allow the relief to wash over you. It turns out, it is all ok. You are fully loved. And you have already earned your wings. You’ve made it.  I check back in with you in two weeks, and we re-asses, feel back into that intention. Any questions or new layers that come up, we address. Together we are walking the path.

“Shelby is by far one of the most gifted, genuine, and dedicated healers on the planet! She will never give up on you and meet you right where you need to be met. She is truly a gem sparkling brightly to support growth and healing at many levels to facilitate you on your journey. I highly recommend working with her.”

Christina Carrigan, Vermont, Engineer

OMG this is exactly what I need!

Your Investment

To reserve a VIP Day with Shelby, there is a non-refundable $400 deposit. The total of $875 will be due before the VIP Day begins. The VIP Day will be hosted at Shelby’s office in Louisville, CO unless other arrangements are requested. If that is the case, travel fees may apply. VIP Day’s are not able to be hosted over the phone, due to the intimate nature if this type of personal growth experience. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out at